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    Taiwan Chiayi Forbidden City to the United States light show Taiwan Chiayi Forbidden City to the United States light show Shenzhen Jingxiu China Huludao Happy Longwang Water Park Huludao Happy Longwang Water Park Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World
    Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World Yanan memory Yanan memory Yanan memory Sidonggou Scenic Area Sichuan Coastal City Russian Circus
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    研发实力  R&D STRENGTH

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    Team introduction

    Team introduction

    The company respects science and values talents, and provides a broad space for development and incentives for scientific and technical personnel. It has strong support for stage lighting technology and a strong R&D team.



    Technical advantages

    Adopt high-quality raw materials, such as international famous brand lamp bulbs and motors to ensure the quality of lamps. 2-3 days before shipment, comprehensive inspection, ensure delivery quality, 13 production lines, strong strength, guarantee timely delivery


    Technical advantages

    R & D and production equipment

    Galaxy Lighting has a separate R & D laboratories and production plants, R & D facilities and production equipment readily available. Product development to production to achieve complete autonomy independence.


    Guangzhou Xuanyi Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, production and sales of stage lighting. With first-class production testing and R&D facilities and a number of experienced and professional R&D teams, it provides a solid foundation for the company's steady development.

    Over the years, we have been working hard to develop and develop E-SHINE (eternal shine) professional computer moving head light, beam light, LED light series, etc. In terms of product quality, service commitment, and international standards, we are committed to building "E-SHINE". "Lighting international brand.

    E-SHINE lighting, with bright appearance, eye-catching color, high-tech, excellent quality, stable performance and first-class service, has been applied to various fields at home and abroad, and has been recognized and praised by people from all walks of life at home and abroad. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, South Africa and other overseas countries.


    Corporate social responsibility, unequivocal quality requirements in all aspects of the enterprise, technology-based innovation, honesty, profitability – profitable from work that benefits humanity;

    Honesty and integrity, common social responsibility, based on scientific innovation, not imitation, the absolute advantage of the company's work, profits but profits should come from work that is beneficial to humans;

    Leadership, ownership, integrity, passion for negotiation, trust.


    E-SHINE business card


    QQ advisory:2881409821


    Address:No. 48, Da Bu Long Hai West Road, Xinhua Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou


    For further information please sweep the